Long Live Nipsey Hussle 🏁

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My first time hearing about Dr. Sebi

Back in April - May of 2018 I started having serious health problems for the first time. Constipation, pain and numbness on my right arm, lower back pain, neck pain, and migraine. It was getting really bad and I was getting really concerned, at the time I felt like I did everything that was appropriate but I didn’t know any better. I was going to the gym daily except weekends, I “ate clean” grilled chicken, grilled steak, broccoli, steamed string beans, rice, etc. I even bought this big company’s product “detox package” for about $500+ and it didn’t work. (I’m not gonna mention their name).

I can humbly admit, I was doing it all wrong. None of these things helped my health get better and the pain was getting even worse. One night I was in my room, helpless and very nervous, all I could do was pray. I prayed to God to help me find healing, I told Him I didn’t wanna come back to the hospital again coz last time I went they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. On top of that I was also a coward — you know those scenes in the movies where the Doctors comes back with bad news holding diagnostic sheets? “I’m sorry but we found something in your body…” that I am not ready for. I was never ready to hear bad news. This I would never forget. I also asked God “could you please help me come across someone that could help me heal myself naturally? coz I’ve been in pain now for months and this is the very first time it ever happened to me. I’m really nervous. I promise to take care of myself better and become a better person”. My grandmother always told me, that if I want my prayers heard pray with good conscience, clean heart, and promise something good in return. And she was right.

The very next morning I opened my laptop, went on YouTube and the very first thing that popped up on my feed was Nipsey Hussle’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ interview. (The video had already came out in February but I didn't get to watch it until May). Not thinking anything of it, I watched the whole interview since I’m a fan of him and his music. He was there to promote his new album “Victory Lap”. At some point during the interview, Charlamagne asked Nipsey Hussle why is he making a documentary about Dr. Sebi… soon as Nipsey mentioned that Dr. Sebi cured all these kinds of “incurable diseases” and he proved to the court that he did — I knew right then and there, that was God answering my prayers.

After watching the interview, I went and did some research and watched all the Dr. Sebi videos I could find on the web. I watched all of them, downloaded the videos, made multiple copies and saved them on my hard-drives. (These YouTube videos I am talking about are either deleted or hidden now. Yes some of them still exist). I was convinced so I ordered his detox package on his original website, I took the compounds and followed his nutritional guide. Everything that I was going through went away in a matter of 2 weeks. I felt so good that I even extended my detox for another week and felt even better! And ever since then I’ve always been a supporter.  

All praises to The Most High, thank you to Nipsey and Dr. Sebi for delivering the message to me. Saved my life and for that I'm always grateful and forever indebted.

How did you hear about Dr. Sebi for the first time?